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Rx Cost Assure was created to help long term care operators not only control costs in pharmacy services, but ensure accuacy in the billing.

With over 25 years in the LTC industry, we came to realize that many pharmacies rely on the information they receive from their wholesaler downloads for their markup on prescriptions. There are occassional errors that occur without their knowledge, so these are honest mistakes that a pharmacy can make. Unfortunately, once the prescriptions are filled and billed, the facility or private pay patient is the loser in the end.

There are also situations where the facility has a contract in place and the pricing was never loaded correctly. At some point, the error may have been found, but the pharmacy never adjusted for previous overbilling. Again, the facility or private pay patient is the loser.

Rx Cost Assure will audit your pharmacy bill on your behalf each month to ensure accuracy. When we perform an audit, we are compensated only when we find billing errors, so there is no risk to the facility operator.

Rx Cost Assure has a pharmacist on staff that will review the prescribing habits of the physicians and make therapeutic interchange recommendations where applicable when there is a therapeutic equivalent available. This practice can also significantly reduce costs


Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Our Vision

We believe that everyone should have the information available to them that will have an impact on their business.

Educating healthcare facility operators and being an advocate on behalf of these operators IS our business.

We work with facilities and pharmacies to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes for long term care residents.

It is our desire to help health care providers concentrate on quality patient care while optimizing medication use through solutions in innovative and cost effective ways.

Rx Cost Assure will be a leader in providing services that will ensure LTC facilities will receive the highest quality of pharmacy service and most cost effective medications through our efforts while providing superior care to the patients they serve.


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